The fruit has extremely strong anti-cancer properties thanks to its abundant source of polyphenol compounds.
Summer is an ideal time to sip a variety of fruits and fabrics that are among the delicious and tonic fruits that can not be missed.
Cancer resistance 
The meat of the fruit contains many flavonoid compounds and antioxidants.
These substances have an anti-cancer function. For cancer patients who are under chemotherapy, the fruit also protects the body from the harmful effects of this treatment. Numerous studies carried out on mice showed that the shell of the fruit inhibits the growth of breast cancer cells as well as inhibits the formation of cancerous masses. The reason the fabric has extremely strong anti-cancer properties is due to the abundant source of polyphenol compounds in the fabric.

Blood pressure control Potassium (potassium) is a necessary mineral that the body needs to control blood pressure.
The American Heart Association recommends that people with high blood pressure eat foods rich in potassium such as lychees. A cup of cloth can provide the body with about 325 mg of potassium, which is about 9% of the recommended amount of potassium for the body every day. Besides, lychee fruit is a fruit with extremely low sodium (sodium) content, so it is the ideal feed for the conditioning and control of blood pressure.

Prevention of diseases in fruits with antioxidant properties, lychees are ranked 2nd only after strawberries.
Oxygenants are "knights" who describe conflicts against free radicals that cause cell instability in the body. Fruit meat has many flavonoid compounds that play a role in improving vascular function and preventing cardiovascular diseases. The fruit also contains a very valuable compound, oligonol (R) to make the heart healthier. In addition, because it contains a high content of vitamin C, the fabric also has the function of protecting the heart. Many scientific studies show that people who regularly eat cloth will reduce the frequency of the risk of myocardial infarction.

Low calorie 
If you are carrying out nutrition to lose weight then do not forget about the fruit.
A cup of cloth only gives you 125 calories while helping you reduce sweet cravings. Lychee meat contains invisible fat content that is high in fiber. A cup of fabric provides the body with 2.5 g of fiber which is very beneficial for the process of carrying out weight loss.

Rich in vitamins 
Lychee is considered a "factory" that produces vitamins.
In addition to vitamin C, vitamin E, vitamin K ..., fruit meat also contains many vitamin B6. With just a handful of fruit, you can "earn more" 10% of the vitamin B6 content needed for each day as easy as becoming a hand. Vitamin B6 participates in a number of processes of the body such as digestion, food decomposition, participation in the process of creating red blood cells and helping the body fight inflammation.

Strengthen immunity 
A cup of cloth contains about 135 mg of vitamin C. This is a relatively high content of vitamin C.
One of the "money-eating" functions of vitamin C is to strengthen immunity and "defenses" for the body. Help the body cope with diseases, especially colds, flu ...

Creating radiant skin summer is the "scary" season of the skin, it makes the skin prone to pimples and spots due to the skin secreting a lot of lubricants along with dirt on the street.
In addition to cleaning, nourishing the skin from the outside, you also need to nourish the skin from the inside with the fabric itself. The antioxidants in the fruit will help the skin be healthier, remove wrinkles, make the skin more youthful.

Natural analgesic Thanks to its richness in flavonoid compounds, the fruit also works as an analgesic due to its ability to stop the inflammatory process as well as prevent damage to tissues in the body