Frozen whole lychees IQF

Vendor: Doveco

Lychee contains nutrients such as iron, potassium, copper, manganese, etc. to help support the production and circulation of blood. Not only that, litchi contains flavonoid and antioxidants that help prevent cancer as well as degenerative diseases.


The fresh lychees are harvested directly from the best agricultural fields of Dong Giao. With strict regulations in each stage of production and processing, lychee fruit is always guaranteed in terms of quality and taste. Fruits are frozen by IQF line, helping to keep their original shape, committing to the best product quality and meeting international export standards.

The high-tech freezing method applied by Doveco immediately after processing fresh lychee, ensures that the lychee after freezing still retains the freshness, color and flavor of the product. Doveco frozen whole-fruit lychees fully meet export standards to ensure clean, safe and hygienic products, and are committed to completely free of chemicals and food additives. Products satisfy the strict requirements markets such as Europe, America, Japan, and Korea...

  • Color: Typical characteristics of lychee
  • Weight: “Thieu” Lychee 22-28 fruit/500g
  • “U” Lychee 18-25 fruits/500g
  • Packing: 500g /bagx 20 bags / Carton, 10kg/carton.
  • 05 layers, waterproof, 22T/40'RF
  • Season: JUN, JUL

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