LYCHEE JUICE (6 cans/ pack)

Vendor: Doveco
Type: Fresh Juice
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The taste of summer spreads all the senses with the characteristic sweetness of Doveco lychee juice. The succulent lychees are carefully selected, ensuring that the original aroma remains intact after production. Lychee juice contains many vitamins that help improve heart health, prevent cancer, beautify skin and improve shiny hair.


- Shelf life: 12 months
- Ingredients: Fresh lychee juice, purified water, sugar
- Packaging: 6 cans x 330ml
- Storage: Normal temperature
- Instructions: Shake well before drinking; Drink immediately, Better when refrigerated

  • Heart disease prevention: Litchi helps to stabilize blood pressure and heart rate, thus helping to protect against stroke and cardiovascular disease. At the same time, the antioxidants present in lychee improve the immune system, slow down the progression of degenerative retinal disease…

  • AIDS digestion: Litchi helps to strengthen the digestive system, cleans the stomach, improves appetite and cures heartburn as well as the feeling of stomach heat. Lychee seeds contain astringent substances that are used to treat gastrointestinal diseases and help the body eliminate intestinal worms.

  • Prevent aging: Lychee contains a large amount of vitamins B and C, which help to prevent oxidation, protect the skin from harmful effects of the environment and toxic substances.

  • Improve immune system: The next use of lychee that few people expect is the ability to strengthen the immune system. Vitamin C in litchi is an extremely effective antioxidant, helping to repel free radicals, bacteria, viruses that are harmful to the body, enhance immunity and prevent disease.

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