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Type: Fresh fruits

Short introduction: Pineapple has serveral different Vietnamese names such as: dứa, khóm, thơm, ... scientific name Ananas Comosus, is a type of tropical fruit. Pineapple is native to Paraguay and southern Brazil. It is like a symphony of sweet and sour in pineapples besides the great health benefits.

Dong Giao Foodstuff Export Joint Stock Company is proud to be the owner of the largest pineapple farm in Vietnam, which is a qualified pineapple supply point for production and processing for domestic and international markets. 
In addition to the fresh and delicious taste, pineapples also contain a lot of nutrients and vitamins, which help fight oxidation, aid digestion, reduce the risk of cancer and boost immunity...

  • Origin: Ninh Binh, Son La, Gia Lai and Thanh Hoa province, Vietnam
  • Variety: Queen/Cayenne/MD2
  • Net weight: 10kg/carton or as ordered
  • Storage: 7-13oC
  • Maximum shipping volume: 1,500 -1800 CTN/40Rf
  • Packing: 8-10 fruits/7-layer carton
  • Use for: 20 days at 7oC
  • Season: All year round

Enhance the immune system
Drinking pineapple juice can strengthen the immune system and shorten the recovery time from illness. 

Support digestion
Pineapple contains Bromelain enzyme that helps break down and digest proteins, aids digestion, and promotes metabolism.

Reinforce cancer treatment
Fresh pineapple juice is used to not only inhibit ovarian and colon cancer cells but also protect against prostate cancer by the present of beta-carotene

Skin beauty
The antioxidants as vitamin C and beta-carotene in pineapple juice can resist and fight skin damage caused by sun and pollution, reduce wrinkles, and improve overall skin texture.

Good for eyes 
Vitamin C found in pineapple can keep your eyes healthy and prevent cataracts. 

One cup of pineapple juice provides 63% of an adult's daily requirement of manganese, 42% of daily vitamin C and more than 10% of thiamin, vitamin B6 and folate. In addition, pineapple also contains essential micronutrients for the body such as potassium, magnesium, copper, and beta-carotene.


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