Passion juice PUREE

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Passion fruit is a tropical fruit rich in nutrients, easy to process into drink to help purify the body. A passion fruit is small, but contains a lot of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants ... beneficial for health.


Passion fruit juice is concentrated by the most modern machinery system. The product is exported to all over the world such as EU, USA, Japan, and Korea...

Season: All year round

  • Brix

50 (+-1)

  • Pulp

10 – 20%

  • PH

2.5 – 4.5%

  • Acid

Min 12%

  • Color

Characteristic color of fresh passion fruit

  • Protect the heart: Passion fruit is rich in potassium and minerals, which is very important in regulating blood pressure, helping to relax blood vessels and increase blood flow, thereby reducing stress and especially helping to improve health. healthy cardiovascular system. Moreover, passion fruit also has 2 flavonoids and phenolic acids that help control blood cholesterol levels.

  • Improve immune system: Passion fruit contains vitamin A, vitamin C and a number of other amino acids that help promote white blood cell activity, prevent infection, antioxidant and protect the immune system.

  • Stabilize blood sugar: An effective way to prevent and prevent unstable blood sugar is to use passion fruit. Passion fruit has a low glycemic index and high fiber content, so it helps people with diabetes improve insulin function and stabilize blood sugar, reducing bad cholesterol.

  • Prevent cancer: Passion fruit contains many antioxidants, vitamins, flavonoids and phenolics ... have the ability to prevent and prevent free radicals that cause cancer. In particular, an important compound, piceatannol, found in the fruit can aid in killing colorectal cancer cells. Use passion fruit 3 times a week to "work" to prevent and prevent your cancer better!

  • Good for joints: Passion fruit also contains many nutrients such as magnesium, calcium, iron, phosphorus and potassium. These are all essential nutrients for bones, helping to strengthen bones and prevent related diseases such as osteoporosis, degenerative spine ...

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